ScriptRunner on Tour
20-27 April 2017 


How (and why) to integrate, extend and automate JIRA with ScriptRunner

Join ScriptRunner creator Jamie Echlin and members of the Adaptavist ScriptRunner team to find out how to get even more from ScriptRunner and JIRA. 

These special, three-hour afternoon sessions have been arranged in conjunction with the Toronto, Montreal and New York AUG teams. Stay around afterwards for more content, insight and social in the evening AUGs.

What's on the agenda?

Some ScriptRunner fundamentals (Harp Athwal) (20 mins) 

ScriptRunner is based on conditions, validators, post-functions, behaviours and event listeners and it helps you adapt and integrate your workflows. We the session by looking at some ways to take advantage of these in your organisation. Harp looks at some of the fundamentals: saving time when creating a project, how to change the project UI and enhancing your incident management processes.

Introducing the new inline editor (Jamie Echlin, 30 mins)

Be among the first people to see the enhanced scripting and script management functions that we’re adding to ScriptRunner.

Automating common business processes (Mark McCormack, 20 mins)

Save time and make JIRA admin processes even more efficient and automated. Empower individuals and teams with common admin processes including holiday booking leave, expense approvals and employee on-boarding and off-boarding.

Extending the JIRA Service Desk user interface (Jamie Echlin, 30 mins) 

Jamie will guide you through a detailed example of how ScriptRunner can be used to improve the JIRA Service Desk user experience. Save users – and the service team – valuable time by structuring and contextualising how people interact with your service desk. 

Getting hands-on with ScriptRunner for JIRA (Round table, 60 mins) 

Ask the team about how you use ScriptRunner for JIRA and what you need to do with it. From finding performance problems in scripts, to integrating with specific systems to automating your most time-consuming but important tasks, this is your chance to get ideas, answers and tips to take away.